Selling your real estate or property?

Selling your real estate is easy. We sell properties via online streams – live streams of videostreams.

Property as a house, apartment or flat, finca, villa… 

NO commissions (no agent nor broker)

Region: Costa Blanca North & South. Other Costa’s.

Our Story

We sell your real estate – property for you. Selling straight via online streaming.

No commissions or fees. 

Region Costa Blanca, Spain (Other Costa’s!)

Selling real estate of property with vlogs and video’s

Your search for selling your property or real estate on the Costa Blanca is over.

PintoBlau is no agent, therefore we ask no straight commissions or fees.  We try to sell (with partners) your flat or appartment, villa or house on the Costa Blanca North and South.

We work with live views or streams. If not possible we work with appointments online vor a videostream.

 Since Corona of Covid we were looking for a formula, since no one is allowed to travel to Spain.  Of course, than it’s difficult or impossible to buy or sell your own real estate or property.


Selling straight from owner with
online streaming

Therefore we ask you, to send nice or beautiful pictures and even better a movie, video or vlog. In other words: online streaming.

Video’s with a sight of a terras or swimming pool and off course inside the property. Selling will go faster this way.

If you don’t have moving material, we can make this for you at a fear price.

Since we have a livestream or videostream channel, it is said that a video or vlog sells better then a photograph of your property.

Properties or estates must be ‘alive’ with the real surface and a correct picture, if it’s to sell better.  That’s why we chose for videostreaming and not just (or only) pictures.


No real estate or property agent

We are selling your real estate straight to other owners, and the beautiful part is that you pay us zero (0.00€) commission or fee. We are no real estate agent but work with partners with lots of knowledge.  Anyway, it just costs you a few moment to send a mail and pictures or small movies, vlogs or video’s.


Sell your house, flat, apartment, villa, bungalow, penthouse…NOW

Life since Corona has become expensive, so we offer you a chance to sell your house, flat, apartment, penthouse, villa, bungalow of finca via our channels.


Property management – facility business 

When your real estate is sold, we offer our facility services (property management) to the new owner on the Costa Blanca.  This includes key management, cleaning, chores and painting, as this is our main facility business.

This way, a full-service and after-service can always be provided to these new customers. 

Region Costa Blanca North includes Benidorm, Albir, Altea, Calpe, Benissa, La Nucia, Polop, Finestrat… to Javea or Denia.

Costa Blanca South is the zone of Torrevieja, La Zenia, Orihuelo Costa, La Mata, Villamartin…


Video viewing or vlog stream(s)

With the online era ahead of us, we were faced with an enormous challenge at PintoBlau.  After all, we are known as correct people who support their customers until the end (and further) so we joined the digital train.

For example, the idea to make videos or streams of the properties for sale. These are made room by room and show more the ‘reality’ than on a photo.

Anyway, we keep your investment in Spain well-maintained.  Checking this out is possible via our online tools.

Of course, this is entirely without obligation. You still choose as owner, the contractor for this facility and maintenance.

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Selling your real estate with a nice outdoor sight as a swimming pool
Selling real estate or property on Costa Blanca in SpainKey management, cleaning, painting and maintenance Costa Blanca
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